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There comes a point within design, when working with clients becomes aggravating to say the least, they give you a brief of lets say design me a fantastic leaflet for my new shop heres the information see you in a couple of days! So your working on the project giving it all the thoughts that you have learnt which has given you a title of ‘graphic designer’

It is now time to show your hard work to the client….. first thing they will say is, “I like it….but i had this thought in mind! if you change this and that and this and that how about if you….and so on!” and straight away you shout in your head “well why didnt you tell me what ideas you had in the first place!” My favourite is when they have a flyer for a different company and say “i want that! ” that would be copying somebody else’s design now wouldn’t it!  I speak from experience with a number of design briefs iam currently working on! where the clients think i like that design what if we just slap our logo and branding on and then send it too print! (slapping my head at this point!) YOU CANNOT REALLY DO THAT CAN YOU!  So you reluctantly do this for the client because you do get some jobs which aren’t your favourite types! but money is money at the end of the day

With this piece of work which is basically copied off another designers work you go back to the client, next about the client says “Well i love it, however i need you to send it to my business partner! (this is a new person that you never even heared about until now) and see what they think!” Alright then so rather than telling me the full details about the business, wanting me to copy someones design work already now you introduce a new person to me! EH?

The Payment:

Once finalised the design which should of only taken a short while ended up taking the time it would to build an entire website they now ask a question about the cost! “So how much is this going to cost, because..er…i..er…dont…have a big budget really…can you give me friend discount?” Jaw drops at this point!


Final result:

Its all experince at the end of the day! yeah rite! this type of job shouldnt of taken along time to do at all a nice simple leaflet design taken ages to complete simply because lack of communication! My top tips (apart from slapping the client around abit) is to sit down and fully chat about what the client/clients are wanting, they ideas there thoughts and how much they have set aside for the budget!


EVERYONE will get these types of clients believe me hopefully some less that others!

at the end of the day i designer is not a designer if they dont have any clients to design for!

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