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Advertising Outdoors Watch this Space

Title: Advertising Outdoors Watch this Space

Author: David Bernstein

Price: £23.70

This Book goes through all past and present Large Outdoor advertising campaigns of which companies such as Calvin Klein, DKNY, Guinness etc have produced.

I think in every designers mind they would like to have there work produced on a massive scale outdoors so that everyone can see it, i remember thinking when working on some design briefs what would this look like on a side of a building? One day this could happen to you if you are working for a large company such as Coca Cola or even if you are starting out on your own company like myself. This Book shows examples of work which has fantastic impact and clever ideas. Using the outdoors to sell the desired products, such as Ad shells on bus stops, Billboards, Taxis and much more.

The Author, David Bernstein, has a good knowledge of outdoor advertising and chooses different styles of campaigns that companies have created to grab the attention of potential consumers.

Overal if your a student working on a brief that requires you to create an outdoor advertising campaign in order to promote the new product, or a designer working in a busy company this book is a great reference to this field of design. All i recommend is take a look at the product and jot down the craziest ideas that you can think of and see if this could work in an outdoor environment! Because some times the best ideas are the craziest!

Marks out of 10, i personally would give this book an 8 out of 10, some good inspiration and would certainly help you along the way!

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